Let me tell you what I think, and this is kind of how I survive all that happened. I remember how I felt about Ransom from the very first moment I laid eyes on him. I mean, I thought I knew what love was before then but it was nothing like what I felt for him. And in that moment, when he was just a newborn baby, I already forgave him for anything wrong he would ever do in his life. Anything. I loved him unconditionally. Imagine how God loves us. I mean, I’m just a weak, struggling human being and I could honestly have forgiven Ransom anything you could imagine; any sin at all. Multiply that by about a thousand. That’s God.

Joel Seaborn

How about this? Let’s all, right now, make a shared resolution for 2021 to cut ourselves some slack, understand we’re just learning as we go, and love ourselves, at least a little bit, like a loving God might.

Happy New Year!